Fluval Canister Filtration System

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Aquarium filters are an important accessory for any aquarium setup, they house the beneficial bacteria that removes ammonia from the aquarium environment, filter out sediment that is suspended in the water and remove toxins that are harmful to fish and plants.

One of the most efficient types of aquarium filters are canister filters the canister is designed to hold the filter material, the media for the beneficial bacteria and filter foam that purifies the aquarium water in seperate baskets within the canister for ease of maintenance.

The Fluval range of canister filter systems are popular all over the world they are one of the best filter products on the market today with advanced features like multi stage filtration, durable materials and construction, super quite operation and easy maintenance.

Fluval 106

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Fluval 206

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Fluval 306

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Fluval 406

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aquarium Capacity

Fluval 106

25 US Gal
(100 L)

Fluval 206

45 US Gal
(200 L)

Fluval 306

70 US Gal
(300 L)

Fluval 406

100 US Gal
(400 L)

Pump Output 145 US Gal/h
(550 L/h)
206 US Gal/h
(780 L/h)
303 US Gal/h
(1150 L/h)
383 US Gal/h
(1450 L/h)
Filter Circulation 95 US Gal/h
(360 L/h)
121 US Gal/h
(450 L/h)
206 US Gal/h
(780 L/h)
245 US Gal/h
(930 L/h)
Head Height
4.8 ft
(1.45 m)
4.8 ft
(1.45 m)
5.8 ft
(1.75 m)
7.5 ft
(2.25 m)
Media Capacity 0.8 US Gal
(3.2 L)
1.2 US Gal
(4.6 L)
1.7 US Gal
(6.6 L)
2.2 US Gal
(8.5 L)
10 W 10 W 16 W 23 W
10 W 10 W 15 W 20 W
(L x W x H)
8 x 6 x 15″
(20 x 15 x 38 cm)
8 x 7 x 18″
(20 x 18 x 46 cm)
10 x 7 x 18″
(25 x 18 x 46 cm)
10 x 8 x 20″
(25 x 20 x 50.8 cm)


Fluval canister filterThere are four models available in the 06 series the Fluval 106, 206, 306 and 406 canister filters, these numbers correspond to the aquarium capacity that the canister filters are designed o handle.

The Fluval 106 is designed to effectivly filter a 25 gallon or 100L aquarium, the 206 for a 45 gallon or 200L aquarium, the 306 for a 70 gallon or 300L aquarium and finally the 406 is designed for a 100 gallon or 400L aquarium.

The Fluval canister filters are designed for very easy maintenance in mind, inside the canister there is a vertical slot which houses the first stage of filtration the coarse foam which filters out the large objects before the water passes through the filter media.

Adjacent to the first stage are the baskets that house the filtration media here you can place the filter charcoal, media for the beneficial bacteria to thrive in and additional filter wool to filter out sediment and fine particles.

The Fluval canister filtration unit is made from durable plastic both inside and outside the canister, the motor section is sealed from the elements inside the head of the unit making the 06 series great for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. 

Fluval fitration systemsThe impeller is conveniently located in the head of the canister, two clips hold the head on the canister top, unclipping allows the head and impeller to be lifted off the canister for direct access to the first stage filter foam and baskets that hold the media.

The Fluval 06 range of canister filters have the water inlet and outlet located on the top of the filter head a stop valve is located on the inlet side to close off the water flow from the aquarium when servicing the filtration system.

Two long flexible hoses are supplied with the unit one inlet hose and one oulet hose the canister filter is usually housed in the aquarium cabinet out of sight, the hoses are run up the back of the aquarium the inlet hose runs to the bottom of the tank and the outlet hose sits just under the surface and forms a gentle current within the aquarium.

The current is beneficial to both the fish and the plants as nutrients are carried by the current and distributed around the aquarium, the water is drawn down the inlet hose and forced through the mechanical filtration stage then through the media to be deposited back into the aquarium.

Cleaning the filtration system is quite straight forward, the unit is turned off and unplugged from the mains, the inlet valve is closed to stop the flow of water to the canister, then simply release the two side clips holding the top in place and you have direct access to the filter media and foam within the canister.

What are the benefits of the Fluval 06 canister series, quiet operation the motor is almost silent when in use, fantastic multi stage filtration, adjustable flow rates, quick and easy maintenance of the filtration system, large media capacity and durable construction. 

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