LED Aquarium Lighting

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Finnex Planted Fully Automated LED Lighting

The Finnex Planted LED lighting system is designed to be fully automated and hands free, the unit is great for low light planted aquariums, medium light and high lighting planted aquariums and is available in sizes from twenty inch through to forty eight inch aquariums.

This LED lighting unit is designed for rapid plant growth with a color temperature of 7000K is provided with white daylight LEDs and the growth providing red LEDs and i fully programmable for morning light through to full daylight and sunset.

The fully programmable feature of the Finnex aquarium lighting unit provides the very best aquarium lighting at a great price ideal for novice and experienced aquarium enthusiasts alike the unit is provided with a dedicated remote control unit.


Finnex Fugeray LED Aqarium Lighting

The Finnex Fugeray LED aquarium lighting is designed to be ultra slim and compact, this lighting system is ideal for the freshwater or saltwater environment, the design features an evenly spaced LED arrangement suitable for low light or medium light plants.

A great feature with the Finnex Fugeray is the moonlight feature with a simple flick of a switch you can change from the daylight lighting setup to the moonlight setup with the need to use a dial to ajust the brightness of the lighting.

The Finnex series of LED lighting comes in seven lengths from the twelve inch model all the way through to the largest forty eight inch model  the life time of these LED lighting units are around 40,000 plus HRS.

The lighting unit is constructed of strong PVC plastic for durability and contains true red LED diodes which have shown to be the ideal wavelength to promote rapid growth in aquarium plants, the light spread is 120 degrees for great coverge of the aquarium. 


Nicrew LED Aquarium Lighting

The Nicrew aquarium lighting units are designed to be fully adjustable in length with the brackets at each end of the lighting fixture are able to be pulled out to exactly fit the size of the aquarium that the lighting will be used for.

This lighting unit is mainly designed for a fish only tank both freshwater and saltwater and is provided with both blue and white LEDs only there are no growth promoting red LEDs for plants available with this unit.

The Nicrew lighting unit has two lighting modes daylight and moonlight available at a flick of a switch, the LEDs are low voltage for safety and the adjustable legs suit aquarium sizes from eleven inches to forty eight inches in length. 

Having an understanding of aquarium lighting and what is required for your fish tank setup will make your choice for a lighting unit more easy, you need to consider what species of fish and plants will be occupying the environment.

Knowing what you are going to stock the aquarium with will determine the color temperature and the size and strength of the lighting unit, we recommend to use LED lighting in your aquarium setup as you can control the needs of your aquarium when you need to.