Aquarium Ultraviolet Sterilizers

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Aquarium Ultra Violet SterilizersUV Sterilizers can be a great asset to any aquarium setup particularly to community aquariums with a large quantity of fish species

A good UV sterilizer will work in conjunction with the filtration system and allow proper management of the aquariums environment.

A quality UV sterilizer is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments and aids the filtration system in killing nasty bacteria, parasites and viruses that can lurk in the aquarium water that can spread disease and effect the health of the aquariums inhabitants.

These UV devices are very simple in design and consist of an efficient pumping system much like a small filter pump where water in drawn into the sterilizing unit and passes through  a chamber that emits ultra violet light.

This ultra violet radiation is very efficient at disposing of the bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases within the aquariums environment, this system is also very efficient at reventing algae out breaks that can cloud the aquarium water and suffocate fish.

There are many benefits to installing an ultra violet sterilizer to your aquarium and these units are most effective at controlling outbreaks before they can get a hold on the environment, like algae they can eliminate the algae spores before a full blown algae bloom can get hold.

Disease prevention can be controlled by using a UV sterilizer by eliminating potential harmful bacteria and viruses that can be found floating around the environment in organic matter that is deposited by fish species and by decaying plant material.

A quality ultra violet sterilizer is also good at controlling parasites in the aquariums environment that can potentially cause harm to the fish, most parasites can be controlled with the powerful UV radiation along with proper maintenance of the filtration system and cleaning the aquarium at regular intervals.

There are many types of UV sterilizers available on the market these days, some of these units are are packed into a very compact unit that can be submerged into the aquarium these are ideal for small aquariums, other sterilizers are much like an external filtration unit that can hang off the back of the aquarium, while larger units are available where the water is sent to the unit which is housed in the aquariums cabinet sterilized then returned to the aquarium. 

These ultra violet sterilizers need regular maintenance which should be scheduled in with the maintenance of the filtration system, they need to be inspected for any damage to the unit and thoroughly cleaned, the UV bulb will need replacing at the manufactures recommendation to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the sterilizing unit. 

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