CO2 Injection Systems For Aquariums

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Co2 injection for aquariumsWhat role does CO2 play within the aquatic environment, like there counter parts living above the water all plants need Carbon Dioxide to survive CO2 is made up from one carbon atom double bonded to two oxygen atoms.

Plants convert CO2 and sunlight into growth this process is known as photosynthesis and in an aquarium environment with the correct lighting system and CO2 injection running this process can be observed.

Oxygen bubbles will form on the leaves as the end process is oxygen that is returned back to the environment just like there above water counterparts living on land.

This process of injecting CO2 into the aquarium environment together with strong lighting super charges the plants growth but this lighting must remain stable during the injection process or you will have an explosion of algae in the tank.

CO2 must be injected into the environment under controlled conditions at all times and in the correct dose as high levels of Carbon Dioxide is lethal to any fish within the environment and the canisters that hold the CO2 are under high pressure so must keep them away from children.

What benefits are you going to see by investing in a CO2 injection system for your aquarium, you will see an explosive growth in all your aquarium plants to a point where you will be pruning every week or two to keep the plants under control.

Do you need a Carbon Dioxide injection system for your aquarium to thrive the answer is yes and no, if you have a very large aquarium and want it to flourish in brilliant green colors by all means install a CO2 system but for the average aquarium enthusiast with a fish only tank and a few plants to enhance the landscape no you do not need a CO2 injection system.

Fluval CO2 Injection Kit

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The Fluval CO2 injection system is ideal for small to medium sized aquariums, the kit is supplied with all the equipment need to grow vibrant and lush aquatic plants in your aquarium, this system uses disposable CO2 canisters with three canisters supplied with the kit .