Preventing Algae Blooms In Your Aquarium

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Preventing Algae Blooms In Your Aquarium There is not much fun looking at a full blown algae bloom in your once beautiful aquarium, algae can form in the aquarium water or on the plants or both and can ruin a great aquarium, and there are many causes for this condition.

Algae usually gets a hold on the aquarium when there is an imbalance of nutrients in the water, bad water circulation, excess or not enough carbon dioxide or oxygen in the aquarium or an imbalance of lighting.

The danger time for many algae blooms is often in the months after the aquarium is new and has just been setup particularly for beginner aquarium enthusiasts that are still on a learning curve.

The aquarium can be vulnerable to algae outbreaks when the Nitrogen cycle has not been performed properly or you have not allowed enough time for the cycle to complete before fully stocking the aquarium with fish.

Water circulation or more specifically not enough water circulation can cause algae out breaks in the aquarium, your aquarium plants play a very important role in keeping the aquarium environment balanced.

When there is not enough circulated water the aquariums plants cannot receive the carbon dioxide and nutrients required to function correctly up setting the balance of the environment, when selecting your aquarium filtration system it is very important to select a system that will deliver enough water flow for the size of your tank.

Aquarium lighting can also be a major cause of many algae blooms, aquarium plants will only breath carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen when the lights are turned on if your lighting source is insufficient or turned off most of the time the oxygen levels will start to drop.

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When the oxygen levels get to low in the aquarium all the fish, plants and particularly the bacteria that prevents ammonia levels rising in the aquarium start to compete for the diminishing oxygen that is left this will cause a rise in ammonia levels which can trigger an algae bloom.

Aquarium maintenance is very important for the survival of all the fish and plants in the aquarium, substrate needs constant cleaning to remove sediment and organic matter, your filtration system needs regular cleaning to run effectively and plants need pruning when they grow to big.

When this maintenance if not performed at regular intervals the substrate will be over come with organic matter and sediment polluting the aquarium water which will in turn make the filtration system work harder to clear the polluted water.

When the water gets to polluted and the filtration system starts to get strained the ammonia levels will once again start to rise in the aquarium which can trigger an algae bloom, removing decayed plants and sediment during maintenance periods can help to  prevent algae outbreaks.

A great way to help and prevent algae blooms in the aquarium is to keep a well balanced aquarium setup, perform regular maintenance periods keep the aquarium clean and add algae eating snails or fish to the aquarium his will keep the algae levels down and help prevent an out break.